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Fees and User Services

Browse The Ramp is an online aviation classified website where users can browse user-generated postings of aircraft for sale, aircraft parts, aviation properties, airport equipment, and other aviation and pilot related items for sale. While access to this website and inquiries to the postings hereon are for free, users who intend to post their advertisements on this website are required to pay a certain fee.

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We reserve the right to suspend, alter, or otherwise eliminate altogether features of the site along with the services offered, with or without prior notice.

Contents and Rights

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Use of Website

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Comments areas, message boards, messaging, and email functions are offered by Browse The Ramp as a part the service we offer to our user. We do not undertake the review of these postings before they appear on the website; thus, we may not be held responsible for any posting and/or comment and any other content posted on our site. We reserve the right to remove any user-generated post any time.

User Conduct

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Limitations of Liabilities and Warranties

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While we commit to utmost diligence to include only reliable, accurate, complete, and current information on our website, we do not provide any warranty to this effect. Our website is provided on an "as is" basis, and we do not provide any warranty as regards its contents, whether express or implied.

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Infringed Material and Counter- Notification

In the event that you find any material found on this website to be infringing, you must furnish us with the following details:

            •           Identity of the content claimed to be infringed.

            •           Ample details to located the infringed content, preferably the link to page containing the same.

            •           Your contact details.

            •           An affidavit of your good faith and belief that the content is copyrighted and was used without obtaining prior consent from its rightful owner, agent, or applicable laws.

            •           An affidavit that the information you provided are accurate, and that you are authorized to represent the owner of the copyrighted content alleged to be infringed

            •           Your electronic or physical signature

If the content that you have posted on the Browse The Ramp site is taken down due to an infringed material notification, you may file a counter-notification on the same containing the pertinent details to your uploaded content, along with your rights and/or ownership of the same.